Blog of the best Luxury Escorts website in Portugal

Blog of the best Luxury Escorts website in Portugal

Erotic Tales

  • Lust pain

    Lust pain

    Her heart beating furiously, she stood at the door where she had just tentatively knocked. A single lamp threw its light onto the narrow little street, where she waited in excitement for her entry. She chewed nervously on her gum. She thought how long ago it was. A year, approximately. Wow, they had not seen […] More

  • Toy me more

    Toy me more

    I found myself laying back on a stranger’s bed, naked, legs hooked up over the shoulders of a man whose name I couldn’t remember. He had a deep voice and strength about him. He had been polite, and I had liked his smile. He had dimples. He was complimentary, made me laugh, was direct about […] More


  • Please my Feet, please

    Please my Feet, please

    Love feet. Adore feet. Worship feet. Never mind if there is a fetish label for it – you love what you love and nobody gets to choose. Feet are the base of our support and take us everywhere we go, so, they deserve all TLC one can give. And there are plenty of people out […] More

  • Foot Fetish Valentine

    Foot Fetish Valentine

    Regardless of whether you love it or love to hate it, one thing seems to be true: the 14th of February is becoming less about roses and romance and more about sex, since there’s a certain permissiveness to push boundaries on that day. It feels somewhat obligatory to be carnal under the sigil of Cupid’s […] More

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