Fetishes and sexual fantasies are mostly secret. When not, they are kept between four walls. Finding private information is not easy, as well as identifying partners to fulfill your fantasies and desires can become an (almost) impossible mission. But the taboo imposed by current standards in society has been being broken, in order to give…Continue reading “Fetish and Fantasy – a brief glossary”


A brief introductory sexual glossary AC-DC: Bisexual or bisexuality. This modern coinage derives from comparing sexual current, alternating between homosexuality and heterosexuality, expression often found in sexual ads. Algofilia: desire to feel pain during sexual intercourse. Ananga Ranga: illustrated Indian sexual manual of the fifteenth century, with descriptions of the erogenous zones of men and…Continue reading “Everything you still don’t know about sex”


My fellow student Oliver was the crush of all girls. He had great looks and was always happy, and unceremoniously rummaged every woman. Of course, it was known that he slept with many girls and he did not have lasting relationships. Nevertheless, hardly a woman resisted his charm. Many gave themselves up very quickly. For…Continue reading “Lost bet”

modelo-book rosa-acompanhantes-luxo

Book Rosa, escort of luxury and glamour, private arrangement … a wording that have gained relevance in the last decades without knowing much on the subject, almost like a tale that was told and asked to be kept secret. A secret of sui generis flavour… The luxury escort market featured in the Book Rosa was…Continue reading “Private arrangements of Book Rosa: a cosmopolitan myth of glamor and luxury”

BDSM e Brinquedos Sexuais

Lustschmerz, the sexual pleasure in pain is called masochism and is very common in the BDSM scene, with an extensive list of punishments and instruments of spanking and torment: handcuffs and ropes, whips, collars and leashes, electrical stimulators, masks and blindfolds, tweezers, clamps and suckers, feather ticklers and paddles. The use of special accessories enables…Continue reading “BDSM and Sex Toys”

Melhor site de acompanhantes em Portugal

Apartado X sets a new standard of eroticism, quality and seriousness of the best escort site in Portugal! Extraordinary encounters enchant, inspire and create unforgettable and unique memories – this is what you can find on Apartado X: secrets and unexplored pleasures, only for adults. Good looks alone are not enough: charm, posture and intelligence…Continue reading “Blog Apartado X: the erotic narrative of the best escort site in Portugal!”

fetiche de nylon

Today, my blog presents you the erotic nylon fetishism. The nylon fetishism is a very diversified sexual preference because, for many people, a hidden body is much more attractive than a completely naked body and also because the way the noble synthetic fibers feels to its touch is incomparable, when we adorn ourselves with this…Continue reading “What is nylon fetishism and why is it so popular among the male sexual imagery!”