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The fabulous taste of Amélie

The fabulous taste of Amélie

“Ignore the world” Lucile whispered, and she handed Amélie wine. The heat between them turned on as if an invisible switch had been flipped. Lucile’s hands were the first to touch, brushing Amélie’s shoulder length warm copper-toned hair behind her slender shoulder before tracing her fingers down her arm. She leaned into Amélie, kissing her neck and making her squeal in delight. Her neck rolled away as she enjoyed Lucile’s warm lingering lips on her skin.

A moan escaped her throat, bringing her back to reality as she lifted Lucile’s purple tank top up over her head. Lucile cupped Amélie’s firm tits, rubbing a thumb over her supple round nipples. She loved the way they hardened under her touch.

It was Amélie’s turn to moan, her lips vibrating against the sensitive skin behind Lucile’s ear. She took a fistful of Lucile’s hair and tugged it back, finally connecting lips with her. Both women were eager for more. Their tongues only met briefly, but they tormented each other with lip tugging and moaning.

Amélie pulled off Lucile’s tank top, pushing her back to a partial sitting, laid back spot on the couch. Feverishly she yanked her massive tits out of their black lace cage. She leaned down, taking one of Lucile’s juicy dark pink nipples between her teeth. Lucile’s gasp filled the air as she pulled back and let go.

Lucile had enough of Amélie’s toying, she sat up towards her and tangled her fingers in her thick locks. It wasn’t long before Lucile was able to pull Amélie to her feet. Then, she got on her knees, eyes level with Amélie’s hidden pussy. The buckle undid swiftly between her fingers, sending her jeans to the floor and to Lucile’s surprise, Amélie was all shaved under those tight ass-hugging jeans. Heat came off her body, and Lucile’s mouth started to water. Her hands gripped Amélie’s magnificent ass as she kissed her thighs, biting playfully every few kisses. She could feel Amélie reach her hands down and grasp the back of her head, pushing her suggestively towards her bare pussy.

Quick to listen, Lucile dove face first against Amélie. Her legs spreading as Lucile’s tongue reached her clit, coating it in silky spit as she teased her in tiny speedy circles. Amélie’s head tilted back and made a half laugh, half moan sound. She pulled at Lucile, begging for her to stand without words. As Lucile got up, Amélie wasted no time, she kissed her lips, her tongue finding Lucile’s and pulling any juices off of it.

“Do you like tasting yourself on me?” Lucile asked, blush creeping across her cheeks.

“I do. Now I’m going to share your taste with you.”

Expecting Amélie to kneel in front of, she separated her legs. Amélie pushed her back on the couch. Amélie bent down in front of her, leaning in and swiping her tongue up Lucile’s slit. She lapped up the wetness that her own nipple teasing and sultry kisses had transpired. Crawling over Lucile, she shared her collection of juices. Lucile on the bottom, legs wide and a glistening, tiny bush-topped pussy showing. On top, Amélie was straddling Lucile.

Lucile felt eager to taste Amélie again, needing to hear the soft noises she makes as she gives into a powerful orgasm. She slid out from under Amélie, leaving her on all fours on the edge of the couch. She bit her ass cheek hard enough to make Amélie gasp, before putting her face in between Amélie’s smooth thighs and using her tongue to send waves of pleasure into her new lover.

While she played with Amélie’s crack, Lucile felt her own hands wandering to her wet slit. She touched herself and moaned, pulling her fingers back and inserting them into Amélie. Curved at the knuckle, her fingers worked circles into Amélie until she let out a whimper, announcing her G-spot. Lucile relentlessly teased her clit with her tongue while her fingers worked her insides tirelessly.

“Fuck…” Amélie cried out, “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Driven by moans and Amélie’s creamy delicatessen, Lucile couldn’t stop even if she wanted to. She hardly noticed when Amélie announced she was going to cum. Only when the walls of her hole contracted around Lucile’s fingers did she clue back into what was happening. When Amélie’s body stopped shaking, Lucile slowed down, pulling her soaked fingers out and licking them.

“Do you fancy another sip…of wine?” Lucile smiled naughtily, delighted with the fabulous taste of Amélie.

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