Toy me more

Toy me more

I found myself laying back on a stranger’s bed, naked, legs hooked up over the shoulders of a man whose name I couldn’t remember. He had a deep voice and strength about him. He had been polite, and I had liked his smile. He had dimples.

He was complimentary, made me laugh, was direct about what he liked about my appearance. We had some definite chemistry.

“Damned, baby, you taste sweet,” he said, before shifting himself for the second time, burying his face between my thighs again.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked myself as my hips lifted and swirled under the attentions of the man. I had already cum from his fingers once and his mouth twice. He was intent on exhausting my libido before he even began to let me please him. My blood was rushing through my veins.

Gooseflesh covered my chest, and I could feel my nipples hardening. He slipped a finger inside of me, then slipped in another and I tightened around him. He kept up his skilful attack on my clit.

“Now, that’s a tight little pussy,” He said and I trembled as he slipped yet another finger inside of me.

“Roll onto your belly sweetheart,” he demanded, and lifted, guiding me over as he went. “Lay flat, honey,” he said softly and bent to nip my ass. He lay across me, reaching for extra pillows at the top of the bed and lifted my hips laying two pillows under me. My ass was straight up in the air, under the thick pillows. There was something of an art behind his oral presentation.

I felt his mouth on my ass, and immediately started to resist, but he was gentle, and it felt amazing. I surrendered, and he intensified the treat; he was so deliberate with every move, so slow, so gentle, so generous I hadn’t experienced this before. He continued the strokes within me, but used his other hand to pull my cheeks apart further

“My God, your ass tastes as good as your pussy.”

“Fuck” I cried out as his motions inside me quickened and I was reaching yet another orgasm.

He said and nipped my cheek. I moaned, and he nipped the other side. His treat became a little more intense, and he started to suck on my flesh. I was writhing before I realized the pressure inside of me had expanded again, but I didn’t care. I loved every second of what he was doing to me. At least an hour had gone by I was sure, but I was completely fine with every moment of it.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” I cried out as he inserted a finger into my ass and stroked it with the same rhythm he was fucking my pussy. He inserted another finger and kept licking and sucking all around. I was cumming again soon, but he didn’t stop.

“Can I use toys on you, baby? I want to fill that ass a little bit.”

“Sure,” I said, and before my body stopped rocking from him moving away, he was back, and a cold liquid was being poured over my bottom. He massaged my thighs with it, and my cheeks. He took his time, rubbed himself over my ass as he bent forward and massaged my back, slowly, deeply. From my hips, up to my shoulders and back again. I wanted him in my mouth as he continued to play with my ass and my pussy. Before I could request a taste, he had a vibrating toy, with a clitoral nub bent up in front of it, massaging my clit. This quelled my need to be filled.

He began to lick my ass again, and I could feel both hands, fingering my hole, pulling at the rim a little at a time. He poured more liquid, directly onto and into my ass this time, and kept patiently fingering, swirling, licking and stretching me.

“I’m going to try a little one first,” he said as he pulled out the two fingers he was stroking inside of me. I couldn’t respond more than to lift my ass up a little higher.

He shoved the vibrator deep up into my pussy again and stroked me with it a little before resuming his delivery of pleasure to my ass.

“I love to feel the vibration inside you when I’m inside you. Are you enjoying yourself?”

“I am.” I admitted, and he pulled the vibrator out of me.

“Lift up a little honey,” he said as he reached for my breasts. I moaned as something vibrating, pinched my left nipple and looked to see a small clamp. He reached down to flick my clit with one hand as he covered the second nipple with the clamp. I moved swiftly to claim his thick cock in my hand. I shifted to get a better grip around him, and he moved my hand, took both of my wrists in his hands and flipped me over onto my back.

“Are you ready for a little bit of me? Just a feel? I’m nowhere near done with that beautiful ass of yours baby, but are you ready to feel me inside of you?”

He kissed me slowly and passionately. My legs instinctively wrapped up around his hips, and my arms moved all over his body. I could feel my nails digging into his flesh, and he slipped one inch, then two into me. I gasped and lifted my hips to take more of him.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes,” I said and he deepened the kiss as he began to pull back out slowly. He thrusted forward a little less slow the next time, and with each return, a little faster, and a little harder. I cried out, breathless, cumming again already. He reached one hand for my clit and circled the tender flesh with just the right pressure.

“Do you want me to keep fucking you like this?” he asked a few minutes later

“Yes” I answered.

He gripped my thighs, spread my legs wide and began thrusting harder and harder into me. I came again, and he slowed down. He laid back upon me and started to kiss me again. He reached as he slipped the vibe into my bottom but stopped when I jerked. It pinched. 

”Roll back over honey and hips high in the air this time, baby ” he requested and I complied.

He immediately bent and started to devour my pussy and moved back up to my ass again. Within a few moments, he was back inside of me and using both hands to spread my ass. He poured more liquid into my ass and stroked inside of me slowly as he used both hands to stretch and finger my ass.

He slid a small toy inside my bottom and left it there. He stroked deeper and deeper inside of me, and I rocked back into his body. I suddenly felt wild. I wanted more strength pinching my nipples, pulling and tugging along with the vibration. I wanted to be sucking his cock at the same time every hole was full.

He pushed me down on the mattress and the weight of him, the shift of the toy and the hand that suddenly was massaging my clit, along with the vibrating clamps pressed hard against the mattress, I was getting it all. I bit my lip as he clamped down on my shoulder and began to suck on my flesh when I screamed out. There was no warning, but I felt him fill me with his seed. I came again, immediately.

“Are you all right baby?” He asked a few moments later, as he shifted from behind to beside me and pulled me into his arms. I nodded and allowed him to hold me.

All of it felt so good…

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