Did Elon Musk “copy” ApartadoX?

Elon Musk "copia" ApartadoX?

The news came about a month ago and caught almost everyone by surprise. Elon Musk changed the name and logo of Twitter to X. The famous blue bird was replaced by a completely different identity: a simple X with white outlines on a black background. It was so simple that questions arose immediately about the legality of the new image for the social media platform.

Several internet users quickly noticed the similarities between the logos of various companies or products and Musk’s X. This included Xbox and Monotype, among others. On the other hand, trademark experts warned that there were already hundreds of registrations for the brand X in the United States alone. Meta (owner of Facebook) and Microsoft are just a few of the companies with registrations for X.

Did Elon Musk notice the ApartadoX logo?

What many didn’t notice—or pretended not to notice—is the striking similarity between the new logo of the social media platform and the identity of ApartadoX. The same white X, the same black background, the same slimmer / and thicker … It’s impossible not to notice the resemblances.

Is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and one of the richest men in the world, an ApartadoX customer? It wouldn’t be surprising, considering it’s the best luxury escort site in Portugal. We don’t really know where Musk and his team got the inspiration for the X’s new identity.

The truth is that the two logos are indeed very similar and prove that sometimes a social network used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide and a website that gathers the most exclusive luxury escorts in Portugal are not so different after all.

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