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Fetishism and Adult Sex Education

Fetishism and Adult Sex Education

People ask us what fetishism has to do with traditional sex education. This question is especially relevant to people who don’t consider themselves kinky. Of course, not everyone aims to be a bondage rigger, dominant or submissive and it’s ok if someone doesn’t consider having fetishes of any kink. However, education offers a lot to who identifies as sex positive and aspires to increase sexual knowledge.

Fetishism encourages adult sex education

A lot of people don’t focus on the concept of sex education geared towards adults and many of us only received the limited sex education classes in school, with skewered, incomplete or even wrong information which didn’t really enlighten anyone. The rest of our sex education journey is usually cobbled together: a talk from our relatives, awkward questions to health professionals, on-line advice from friends and our own sexual trial and error, where we try our best to get it right.

Kink and BDSM is beneficial because it encourages people to learn more about sex. Many people who consider themselves kinky, love to geek out while learning something new. Fetishism is about gaining knowledge, which justifies that there are more classes than parties at kinky conventions and events.

There’s always something to learn or improve upon and kink encourages adults to learn more about their sexual lives and they can benefit by borrowing from kinky sex geekery to improve relationships and sexual health and pleasure.

The importance of consent in fetishism

Consent is at the center of every kink fetish and is the first lesson when entering the world of BDSM: how to grant and receive informed consent, which is the core of adult sex education. What consent means and how to ask for it, what informed consent is and how to respect the word No.

Asking how your partner is feeling isn’t just small talk: communication is vital in the world of fetishism. While negotiating, kinksters are actively communicating with their partner. Learning about sex is the first step, followed by openly and honestly communicating desire, needs and concerns, to wholly improve the sexual experience and its satisfying experiences, through the creation of safety. A better understanding of communication will give people the necessary tools to implement what they learn about sex.

The world of fetishes full of learning about sex life

More than likely, the education you were given focused on monogamous, heteronormative relationships and penetrative sex, reducing and even excluding diversity of people, genders, identities and methods of sex. It is said that “your kink is not my kink, but your kink is ok” and it can be a world of amazing and respected diversity.

People shy away from adult sex education because they fear it’s going to be boring or won’t teach them anything practical. Sex is about having fun and the fetish world is full of stepping stones to break the mold of dull and naive sexual knowledge. Kink is about practical learning and lessons of safer, spicier and more fulfilling sex lives.

People will realize that all sex education is about defining and empowering not only your personal sexual lives, but those of your partners and it comes with a huge bonus: an increased sexual intelligence can lead to intense and fiery moments of spicy pleasures.

There’s a world of pleasant fetishism to be discovered on Let’s define your lesson plan to practice consent, embrace discovery and keep breaking the taboos! If you think this information may be useful for someone, share it on your social networks.

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