An unforgettable bachelor party

Uma Despedida de Solteiro com strippers Inesquecível

I was invited to this wedding. Like me, all of us were still single except for Victor, who had married Maria right after they graduated from college.

The guys planned their bachelor party and the girls planned their bachelorette party. They were on the same evening. Victor and I came to the bachelor party together while his wife Maria accompanied the girls to the bachelorette party.

The bachelor party was pretty tame, a keg of beer and a bunch of XXX videos on the giant projector-screen TV. Frankly, I was bored, as was my buddy, so we stepped outside for some refreshment.

We were surprised when we heard voices in the distance coming toward the house. We crept around the house to discover that it was the wedding party girls sneaking up with some other escorts.

Dressed very casually in scant shorts, skirts, and tops on this hot, humid night – what were they up to?

Well, it turns out that the girls’ plans for the bachelorette party was to find the bachelor party and crash it with strippers. Oh, yeah!

My buddy and I, in our role as the “elder statesmen” of the group, were concerned that these seemingly straight chicks might freak out if they walked in and saw the graphic video, but we decided to just let the situation play itself out. After all, this party needed some excitement.

In a couple of minutes, the girls burst in yelling with bright flashlights. “You’re busted!!! The guys froze and said nothing, and the girls’ eyes immediately became glued to the screen. Maria joined Victor and me in back and we chuckled as we watched the scene before us.

With the exception of the very worldly Maria and the strippers, the girls had apparently never seen pornographic video before, and they seemed at once shocked and enthralled.

My buddy and I brought them all glasses of beer, and I handed one to Crystal, who had followed me to the back of the room and sat down in a folding metal chair beside me and the keg.

Below, the humidity and the tightness of her shorts combined so that, if you looked very closely, you could actually make out the outline of her outer labia, and when she bent over, you could see a pair of crescent-shaped strips of white bottom flesh peek out beyond the edge of her tan line.

Since I was sitting right next to the keg, I didn’t even have to get up to fill it, but as I did so and looked out across the room from there in the back, I could see that the girls were making out with the guys, and all hands seemed to be busy out of my line of sight in the chest and crotch regions.

Gazing up at me with open lips, she uttered a barely audible “mmhhhmm” as the next video segment began. I leaned down and kissed her, her lips and tongue eagerly reciprocating while I fondled those lovely breasts through the wet top.

I kissed my way down her neck to those superb boobs, crossing the dramatic diagonal tan line slashing across them, into the white flesh zone. Crystal, moaning ever so softly, jutted her chest forward, forcing more of her shapely young breast into my mouth as a signal to suck.

The rest of the group in front of us had all paired up, and, half undressed by then, were openly kissing and fondling while watching the XXX video, and with the strippers joining in the teasing party.

At the very moment we stood up, I noticed that Maria’s t-shirt was pushed up, and Victor unsnapped her front-closure bra to release her massive mammaries, rubbing his heavily-bearded face across them. Damn! I had wanted to see those hooters since the first time I met her years before, and they were, indeed, splendid!

In front of the fireplace, we shucked the rest of our clothes–my finger in her pussy, and her hand around my cock, just before picking her up and laying her back and kissing and nibbling every square inch of her delicious young body.

Crystal was not skinny, but she was far from fat. Very fleshy, with compound curves in all the right places—big, round, firm boobs that stayed close together even when she lay flat of her back, a thin waistline, a butt that reminded me of a black girl’s, and you could see every muscle in her arms and legs when she moved: “voluptuously athletic” describes her best.

Having kissed and nibbled every bit of her body except her pussy and anus, which I was just about to savour, I spread her legs wide. Like the lips on her face, her labia were full and red and fleshy, her clit sticking out from its hood and actually a bit up, like a little erection, and the whole thing so wet.

In one swift motion, I went in and Crystal made a sound that’s hard to describe, though I’ll never forget it. Hitting her G-spot just so brought out sort of a looping sound immediately followed by something akin to static hiss.

I had gradually picked up my speed to a medium fast fuck when, judging by her hip movements and the unique sounds, she was getting to Station Orgasm. As we stared into each other’s eyes, she grabbed my buns with both hands, sank her sharp nails in painfully deep, and began thrusting me in and out of her at a furiously fast pace.

Well, over the next couple of hours, we did just about everything that we’d seen in the XXX film, many of which Crystal said she did for the first time. “Let’s try that, what did you call it—flying fuck—that we saw. Oh, this is so much fun!” she would say.

Christy’s pussy was gushing juices and contorting so that all I could do was to release my mental lever and having a blast ejaculation, that filled her up. I didn’t put a stop-watch on it, but I’d she orgasmed repeatedly until we laid together satisfied, enjoying the live action that the party was still presenting us, with the strippers orchestrating the lust symphony.

By far, the best bachelor party I’ve been to…although the night didn’t stop here. Crystal called one of the strippers next to us and…well, that’s another story to be told later on, after I rest…

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