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Lift me up


The time had come. I felt like country air, green meadows and warm temperatures and I took the flight.

I am a grown, mature, curvaceous woman and I had decided on wearing a daring low cut knit top and my favourite bra that shoved my ample bodacious breasts practically into my chin, a short skirt with sandals and no underwear today. I had just shaved my snatch it was smooth and around the pussy lips and you could see the pink, seductive flesh as it gave way to my ever-wet crack.

 “Hi, I’m Brigitte” I reached out to the gentleman next to me and shook his hand.

“Please to meet you. I am Tim.” as he held onto my hand a little longer than needed.

His eyes shot straight to the upper part of my creamy white, exposed big girl thigh. I let him look, spreading my legs a little further, but not too much. He daringly moved a finger down to the hem of my skirt and flipped it slightly. I felt his hand flatten on my thigh and rest in a slow-motioned caress of my fleshy thigh. “I have always been attracted to large women and I hope this does not appear too forward of me?”

Suddenly, I became very aware of his hand caressing me more and more and my response was to slowly and willingly open my thighs a little bit more to his touch.

My flesh was on fire and I felt his hot little fingertips graze my trimmed pussy and he was straining just his tips to touch me at my core. This was foreplay in its finest hour. His fingers pressed me hard. He saw my eyes close partially in a daze of sexual torture.

I moaned in a barely audible tone as his fingers found my bare pink pussy slit and they moved slightly to my swollen clit. How I wanted to shove his fingers deep inside of me and then hump his hand, while he was seeking entry into my cream- filled pussy.

Oh, yes, my insides screamed as I felt him touch my liquid silver!

” Your body turns me on…I want to see it. I want to feel it, I want all of it!”

He was making me feel attractive, sexy, playful, horny on fire.

“Follow me to the bathroom, ok?” Once we were in, he grabbed me and began to kiss me. He lifted me up to the wash basin and I moaned as I saw him staring mesmerized at my shaved sex. His hands began to caress my thighs as he pushed them further apart. He took a muff dive and his tongue caressed my slit. I spread wider and began to spasm and shake, as his tongue snaked further inside and he began to finger-fuck me more vigorously. His finger came up and found my swollen bean with ease. I released my hot globes for him while I fingered my butt to still my lust for cock. His hands shot up and began kneading my plentiful tits, pinching and pulling my stiff nipples into submission. In the few seconds that all this was taking place, I began to feel this tremendous tremor bewildering my body. His last tongue-rimming-journey of my butt and my inner walls liberated the full load, as I splashed my amazing white cream all over his mouth. He just lapped it up as my head fell back. I could not believe the amazing rush and explosion that my tits, my cunt, my butt, my whole big body was feeling.

Suddenly he pulled me off the basin and pulled me down. He pulled my fleshy hips down further and hard. I took all of his cock and wanted to scream but he clasped a hand over my mouth. Muffled moans and groans were screamed into his palm as he drove hard into me, with soft pains of lust topped by pure bliss of ecstasy. Soon, his twin boys were twitching and his throbbing member burst forth coating my inner walls. His cum driving him mad as he began to spurt within me. I felt it oozing out of me and knew it was dripping down his cock to his balls, mine mixed with his. Pulling it together I refused to wash up wanting his spunk dripping from my pussy to my thighs.

I would for many years to come remember and appreciate the motto of the agency that sold me this holiday trip: “Let us lift you up”.

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Devoted to you

Watch me, husband

Watch me, husband