Pleasant Beach – Final Chapter

Sexo na Praia dos Prazeres, Capítulo Final

“I just came, I can’t… “, he stammered, momentarily.

“Oh, come on, I am sure you can manage…”, she purred playfully, as she slowly lowered her hips, rolling them side-to-side, until her glistening, perfectly smooth slit ground against the underside of his half-hard shaft.

“I can’t just…” he began to object, but his blood rushed to his vein-marbled pillar of flesh, growing longer and harder once again.

“I knew you had it in you.” She grinned, sliding her hips forward, grinding her juicy slit all along the length of his shaft, giving it a glistening coating of nectar. She slowly lifted her hips, her hand sliding down to grip the shaft around the base, until it was aimed directly at her eager sex. Slowly, she began to lower herself down, sinking until that blunt tip pushed against her mound, grinding into her for a moment before her outer lips parted, slowly spreading around it, engulfing it.

There was a sudden slip as her wet walls finally swallowed the head entirely, and it pushed past her entrance and into her pussy, soft and smooth as silk soaked in heated oils.

“I always love the moment it slips in…”.

She leaned forward, her heavy, swaying breasts hanging underneath her.

“…but I love what comes next even more.”

She bucked her wide, rounded hips, slamming that juicy ass down onto his steel-hard cock until it hit his fat balls, her thick, creamy thighs smacking audibly on his hips. Slowly, she raised her hips, lifting herself up his length inch by inch, her walls clinging hungrily to his shaft as it slid out of her bit by bit, until only the first few inches remained inside her and then, suddenly, dropped down again, impaling herself upon his cock and the sound of her thighs and ass smacking rhythmically against him filled the misty morning air.

He couldn’t hold back any longer, a single, final thrust signalled the end of his frenzied pounding, planting every last inch of his shaft inside her gripping, silken depths. He groaned into their kiss as his balls pulled up tight against the base of his shaft, his length throbbing violently, bucking deep inside her silken walls…

She moaned into his lips in reply, he could feel her body begin to tremble, her innermost walls quivering around his shaft, feel her depths begin to spasm, squeezing tighter than ever.

He came, hard. A blast of white-hot cream surged up his shaft and blasted into her deepest depths like a firehose, instantly coating her silken walls with a thick layer of creamy spunk. She shook violently atop him, moaning uncontrollably into their kiss as she came in turn, her pussy spasming wildly, milking his cock for his hot cream. With each blast of cum he fired, the tension in his body lessened, his back slowly relaxing, his hips lowering bit by bit, easing the two of them down until he was laying on the sand again, his shaft lurching rhythmically inside her as it forced the last few drops of pearly seed from the tip.

She pushed off him, rolling to the side to lay next to him on the sandy beach, the two panting, wordlessly, for a moment. 

Joseph broke the silence. “That was… incredible.” He managed to pant, turning his head to look her deep in the eyes as she lay beside him, marvelled at the view of both naked and pleased.

And the morning fog slowly lifted on this very pleasant beach…

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