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That’s how you like it

That’s how you like it

You are naked and lying on your stomach in a huge bed with red shiny sheets. My hands spread hot massage oil on your back and massage your muscular body. You are in good shape and it is a pleasure to strike along each and every one of your muscles. 

Slowly, I slide ever deeper to your extremely crisp butt. I knead it tight, drive my fingers through your crack and distribute hot oil between the buttocks. You spread your legs expectantly. A hand reaches for your nuts and I spread the heat around them as well. My other hand stays between your buttocks. With the index finger, I circle around your rosette and exert slight pressure on it. 

I lean forward, so that my breasts touch your back and you feel like my hard nipples are circling on your skin. I caress your neck and easily nibble on your ear and bite lightly into your earlobe to caress your neck again. You get goose bumps, your nuts contract and your cock twitches. 

You can hardly keep still and raise your butt to my finger. I reinforce the pressure but do not penetrate your hot hole. You inhale sharply and claw your hands, which are lying next to your head, firmly in the sheet. I bite again in your earlobe to curb your desire …… but that only teases you more. 

Your huge erection squeezes painfully into the mattress and demands my attention. I massage your perineum and stimulate your prostate. Your moans get louder and you want to turn around. Before I allow you to do that, I’ll pull my fingernails along your back. You groan heavily, your desire rises …….. and now you can turn around …… 

I lick the drop of pleasure on the tip of your glans with a pointed tongue. I look at you and lick my lips sensually. I spread your legs wide and sit between them. The perfect position to pamper you with my mouth. But you have to be patient ……. I do not allow you to come that fast. 

I kiss your rib cage and your nipples. My tongue plays with your nipples and I suck on one while I rub the other between my fingertips. Your hands massage my breasts and my nipples are very hard. You cannot hold back and grab my breasts. I whimper briefly with pain and pleasure. My lips wander kissing and sucking down your stomach and I circle your belly button. 

My hand reaches for your glorious gem and I quickly move it back and forth. Your pelvis is lifting. My tongue plays around your glans and then my lips close around it. I suck it hard. I hold the position of your cock with my hand and my other hand massages your balls. 

My mouth wanders down your cock and I kiss your perineum. My tongue wanders to your rosette, teasing you. I massage your penis with increasingly narrowing fingers. Your burning spear grows and your glans shines moistly. I am totally horny and my cunt is swollen. My crack is wet and so ready for you. 

You sit up and grab my head. With a swift move you pull my mouth on your cock and push very deep into my throat. I swallow and you feel it on your glans. You look down on my head between your legs and feel the heat of my breath on your cock. Your hand grabs me firmly the hair in my neck and you decide the pace. You take care of my mouth and I with my tongue I massage your cock from your balls to the wet tip of the glans. 

With my hands I still have free access to your nuts and your hot ass. With the fingers of my hand I drive through my milky wet gap and distribute my cream generously around your rosette. With light pressure, I prepare your back entrance to pick up a finger. Slowly, I let it slide in and start massaging your prostate. First you are amazed and pause for a moment to come up with this new feeling but then you will meet me expectantly and enjoy it more and more. As your resistance subsides and your anus is stretched, I take a second finger and increase my pressure on your prostate. You moan even louder and you fuck my mouth deeper and faster. Massaging your ass, the pressure on your balls and my horny mouth on your cock makes you explode. I milk your prostate. You groan loudly and drop back on the bed. Your juice squirts in my mouth. I swallow as well as I can but everything in you twitches uncontrollably and you continue to ejaculate so that it drips from the mouth. But I leave no remains and lick your godly nectar clean. 

Slowly, your body calms down and you get your breath back. Once again, you moan briefly as I pull my fingers out of you. I stand over you on my knees and hands, my hair hanging over your chest and I look at you full of lust with my cum-smeared face. 

Yes, that’s how you like it, right?

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