ApartadoX Raw

ApartadoX Raw

The raw beauty of assuming the reality of unusual physical detail, as devotion and as an objectification of self-esteem, and which, naturally, defines the most secure identity. 

Sexuality can empower or can be a way to regain power: accepting the objective desire is very good, if both parties are aware and recognise this in the exchange of power dynamics during the relationship. 

Devotees to the fascination of a subversive sensualism, a sexual desire elevated by bodies that set themselves beyond functional and / or aesthetic standards, hold this self-knowledge of pleasure as a more pronounced version of eroticisation, be it a scar, a birthmark, an incomplete member or a special need for adapted mobility.

The stories inherent to each of these marks reveal a deep, uninhibited and crude acceptance of reality: and, nevertheless, how much fantasy sensuality asks us to discover, nothing is more attractive than the naked reality, of what makes us human and triggering attraction between peers.

In this section Raw, Apartado X lists the reality of those that cherish themselves, naturally, for assuming to be a beautiful example of humanity, devoted to its distinctive features. 

If you are a devotee, devoted to this identity, let your devotion of desire find you …

**This text does not reflect, necessarily, ApartadoX opinion.

That’s how you like it

That’s how you like it


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