Private arrangements of Book Rosa: a cosmopolitan myth of glamor and luxury

book rosa

Book Rosa, escort of luxury and glamour, private arrangement … a wording that have gained relevance in the last decades without knowing much on the subject, almost like a tale that was told and asked to be kept secret.

A secret of sui generis flavour…

The luxury escort market featured in the Book Rosa was evidenced by redefining adult entertainment, rejecting the reductive sexual connotation, claiming for excellence and prestige, a category only accessible to luxury escorts.

The term Book Rosa was popularized in Brazil through the reference in a soap opera in prime time that approached that secret space of the luxury escorts, sometimes famous in the world of the fashion, arts and sport.

The core idea is to be a woman with a distinctive upper profile – being a natural seduction target, due to the following requirements: good appearance, healthy body, good manners, besides being well located geographically.

And most importantly, being on the best Luxury Escort site, such as the in Portugal.

Formerly, the world of luxury was forbidden and it was necessary to meet someone to try to access the glamour stage.

The late 1990’s increase of Internet access brought along the online directories of luxury escorts, with photos, videos and contacts.

Any technological innovation privileges, above all, the social elite. And at that time, if the escort lady was published on the web, it was guaranteed that only clients of a higher socioeconomic class could consult her luxury escort profile.

The experience of a glamorous life and many resources at your disposal is a very bold stimulant and seduces many companions to reach out for the opulence of the elite.

The myth that this only happens in the world of fashion modelling agencies is still circulating, but now it is much more frequent and in a very own world, which are the Book Rosa models of luxury escort websites.

What is the difference between a Book Rosa Model and Luxury Escort?

It is where she advertises her luxury escort services of private arrangements: whether she’s on a site that selects rigorously the content displayed or a site that lacks credibility.

The best luxury escort site, in Portugal is which only advertises properly selected content for luxury escorts obtaining a very satisfactory rating from visitors to the Luxury escort directory all over the country.

Real and quality information determines who to follow on the Internet world, and is a market leader in Luxury Escorts ads.

And the escorts, who are looking for their opportunity to achieve Book Rosa status, know that elite customers always consult first – so it’s easy to know where to find Book Rosa models.

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