Hot Hotel Tease


After a hard day, I knew there was only one thing the hotel could do to cheer me up. Fortunately, fate was on my side.

After a busy meeting, with a lot of bad air, even more bad ideas and even worse coffee, I was finally happy to come to my hotel. At the reception, I accepted the key from a very charming young lady, who wished me a good stay with a truly charming smile, and I immediately went to my room.

It was spacious and designed as a double room, which I generally value – it simply offers more space. After a refreshing shower, my stomach protested and I quickly decided to have a snack in the hotel restaurant. The young lady was busy at the moment so, unfortunately, I could not catch her fascinating smile again. The food was good and I diverted my thoughts away from the meeting to the other guests in the restaurant. Looking around, I noticed a tall, middle-aged woman with slightly reddish hair who just ordered a drink from the bar. The woman looked erotic in a certain way. Was it because of her hair falling over her shoulders, the tight skirt that showed a shapely bottom? Or was it simply the whole appearance of this woman, with long legs?
After an espresso at the end of the meal, I decided to go to the lounge and have a drink. a good scotch would end the day well and relaxed. A few hotel guests sat in the lounge bar. I found a chair on the edge, ordered my drink and looked around. At the other end sat a man who obviously looked very interested in one direction. I follow his gaze and see the woman from earlier with her reddish long hair, which had taken place at the bar. I bet with myself that the guy will definitely try to talk to the woman. Well, he should.

I could not take my eyes off the couple.

After a while he got up and went to the woman at the bar. They started talking and obviously enjoyed themselves very well. In the profile of the woman her breasts were clearly visible, which were under a bright blouse. Her hand was now occasionally on his thigh and he stroked her several times over his back. They seemed to understand each other very well. Since the scene excited me in an irritating way and I did not want to miss anything, I ordered another drink. The man stroked the woman by the neck and whispered something in her ear. She looked him in the eyes and her head nodded briefly. I guessed that the two of them would probably disappear into a room and probably do not just want to exchange ideas together. She stood up now and I saw her hand brush over the man’s genitals. He jerked briefly, she smiled and walked briskly to the ladies’ room. At first, I thought he would follow her to fuck her in the bathroom. But he stayed seated. After a short time, she came back, took his hand and both disappeared in the direction of the elevator, where I could still see how his hand stroked her butt. Well, let them, I let the day pass in my mind and finished my drink.

I took the elevator to my floor and unlocked my room door. On the bed, the woman was crouching with her skirt turned up and bared abdomen. In front of her stood the man with his trousers down. His penis was stiff and big in front of the woman’s face. She looked at me briefly and then took the hard penis into her mouth. The man groaned loudly. He had obviously not noticed me in his lust. The woman sucked on the hard shaft and let her tongue spin around the glans. I stepped closer and now the man noticed me. He was startled and spun around, which the woman with the penis in her mouth did not quite allow. I looked at him and said, ‘Keep going’, the man was irritated, his limp sagged, the woman took her hand to help bring the stand back to the starting position.

The power over the situation only made me hornier.

The man was so taken aback that he obviously could not find any words. I gave him to understand that he should continue, that everything is good. I went to the bathroom and refreshed myself. The scene had me turned on and I knew what would come now.

When I entered the room again, the guy licked the woman, who had just sucked the guy’s cock. I made it clear that it was enough and he should now lie down on the bed. He laid back and his hard, big cock, stood upright. The escort climbed on top of him and led the dick into her wet crack. She groaned loudly and immediately began to ride him. My cock was now stiff and horny, I climbed onto the bed and stretched her my penis. Immediately, she opened her mouth and sucked on my hard glans. A pleasant shower flowed through me. As horny as I was, I only wanted to fuck now.

She wanted to feel both of us inside!

I leaned her forward and penetrated her from behind. She trembled briefly, the man paused because he knew what was going to happen. The sight of the stiff cock in her wet vagina made me even hornier. I put the glans on the butt and slowly pushed my hard cock inside. She moaned, but held up well, so I could push myself completely into her. Now she was filled by two cocks. We both rambled on, but she quickly made us understand that we should bump slower, preferably alternately. So, we did it too. The rush of lust took over the escort and after a short time she literally burst in orgasm with convulsive twitching of her abdomen. Now, I could not hold myself and came in her. She groaned and now the unknown man began to fuck her wild. I went to the bathroom to wash myself and when I came back into the room, the escort enjoyed her orgasm again. The man came at the same time and with a groaning moan he collapsed.

I looked at the scene. The escort dame seemed very satisfied and relaxed but the guy was wasted. I gave him to understand that he had to leave the room now. He just nodded, quickly dressed and disappeared. I grinned at my evening date, who looked very happy and breathed a thank you. For the other man it was certainly a surprise, for us a very erotic horny game.

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