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Helplessly tied up on deck

dominada no deck

Hot seduction on a boat. First, he ties her, then he brings her tenderly to the bombastic orgasm!

It is a hot summer evening, the sun is shining, but not as strong as during the day. We are the only boat on the lake. I lie on the roof of the cabin and enjoy the caressing evening sun on my bare skin.

As I turn on my back, I feel tiny drops of water trickling down on me. Then a wet, cold, but very soft body lies down on me and I am deeply kissed. It feels so good…

Suddenly, this incredibly attractive man, with whom I am on the boat, blindfolds me while kissing me and whispers softly in my ear:

“Do not move and do not be afraid. I will not do anything you do not want. “

I lie very still and try to let go. Whatever it may be, the beginning was very nice and excited me easily.

Now I feel rough ropes: first on my right wrist, then on my left wrist, my right ankle, and finally on my left ankle, which he carefully knots and finally fastens to the ship’s handrail. The binding is not too tight, it allows me to move a bit more. Nevertheless, I am at his mercy and enjoy this feeling.

It is strange, a new experience, but it is also very nice and I trust him. I am anxiously waiting for what will happen next.

I cannot see anything. That’s so electrifying.

Will he kiss me, lube me, tease me, possess me and then fuck me?

My breathing and excitement increase more and more by the second, just for the wait.

I hear soft music and the sound of the waves. Then I feel his hot breath on my naked skin. He kisses me gently on the neck, then his tongue moves slowly to my ear.

He whispers: “I love you. I’ll drive you crazy until you’ll beg me to fuck you! “

He bites me gently, but decisively in the neck. He wanders kissing down every other spot of my body until he reaches my bud. He massages my breasts with strong pressure, pulls and twists on them and plays with them until they are very hard and plump.

That aroused me a lot. I start to moan softly: “Yes, show me how horny you make my hard nipples. Suck them. I love it, it makes me horny. “

He takes my breasts individually in the mouth, sucking my nipples, holds them with his teeth and pulls them. When he takes my buds firmly in his fingers and pulls my breasts with gently shakes, my pleasure groan enhances.

I literally feel the lust throughout my entire pelvis and become more and more wet.

Oh yes, I love it when he spoils my breasts and nipples so much.

While he is engaged in pleasuring my breasts, the second hand has found the way to my love pearl, which stands out quite moist and hot with lust from its protective cave.

His fingers circle it gently. The pressure gradually increases, until he begins with his index and middle finger to snap my pearl between his fingers back and forth.

Again and again, he lures my pearl far out of its hiding. It’s like a roller coaster, into the cave, out of the cave.

At the same time, I drip full of heat. I’m already so horny that I feel like it trickles out of my love grotto.

As his fingers keep moving, his thumb actually lands in my ass. Oh, la la! The other hand wanders into my wet dripping love cave. Tenderly, his fingers penetrate me until I finally get the G-spot massage. What a bliss. Hot, cold, a super cool feeling. My whole abdomen begins to vibrate.

“Oh yes, give it to me. Show me. Make me wild! You’re driving me crazy”, I sigh loudly over the lake.

He likes that and cheers me up:

“Yes baby, louder. Let yourself go. I want to hear how horny I make you. It makes me horny to see you and hear you like that. “

Then it’s supposed to be like that. My first orgasm is approaching, an explosion was spreading in my pelvis. The wave goes through my whole body. It’s like flying, just divine.

Finally, he starts to lick me by all the rules of the art until I cannot hold back and my hot pussy juice literally squirts in his mouth.

He moans: “Oh yes. I love your pussy juice, it makes me so horny. Give me more of it. I just cannot get enough.”

The licking continues and I do not stop to pour my pussy juice into his mouth. We moan and we whip ourselves on and on, until finally I cannot stand it anymore and beg him to take me…

“Fuck me, horny stud. Fuck me. I want to feel your hot, hard cock deep inside me. I want you to fuck me senseless.”

No need to say that twice! Quickly he strips my shackles and penetrates me. We look deep into each other’s eyes as we finally experience orgasm together.

We stick our sweated bodies together and stay like this for a while … until finally we realize that we are not alone on the lake and that we have just given a special show for some sailors.

I have to admit, the thought of it is still turning me on…

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