The sweet tooth aftermath


For hours we had been in our own little world, sitting alone in a booth, in a crowded, downtown bar.

“Take your panties off. Now.”

“Here?” she asked. I looked around at the loud, drunk, 20-somethings who had surrounded us and were frantically pitching their sexual availability to anyone who would listen. None of them seemed too concerned with the couple sitting alone in the booth. “Now,” I told her. She looked at me like I was crazy for a moment and then she looked around. “No one’s watching you, baby. Take them off.” Her gaze made its way back onto me and she bit her lip, weighing her chances of getting caught. “Take them off.”

I pulled her empty glass away from her making room for her to move. I knew she would do it for me. Finally, she broke and sat up in her chair. Keeping her eyes on me, and her actions concealed under the table. She hiked up her tight, black skirt, grabbed the sides of her panties, and leaned back as she slid them down her legs. Taking them off, she balled them up, looked to her left, placed them in her purse and zipped it shut. When she looked back at me, a smile broke onto her face, as she turned her head down, embarrassed and aroused. She was a good girl and tonight we would have a sex fantasy come true.

She came to my side of the booth to make out with me, and I slid my hand up her smooth, milky white thighs, and fingered her pussy while everyone at the bar remained steady in their efforts, no one caring to look our way. Her tongue swirling in my mouth, I could feel my cock growing harder and harder in my pants. I needed to be inside her.

We called an uber and continued to make out in the back of it the car all the way home, she even began to rub my cock through my jeans, as I watched the driver’s eyes dart up into the mirror a few times. When we got home, I headed into the bedroom and she told me she needed to refresh herself and would be right in, so I made myself comfortable and sat on her bed waiting. Soon enough, through the door she came, wearing just her skirt and bra. Her sandy blonde hair fell onto her pale body and was in loose waves. Her bra was black and lacy, and pushed her perky tits tight together. The sweet, warm scent of her body filled the air and she moved toward me.

As soon as she came near enough I threw my arms around her and kissed her long and hard. She broke my kiss and licked my bottom lip all the way across. Moving my hands up from her waist, I grabbed at her hair and pulled her head back to a moan as I kissed her neck and chest. I began to lick and suck on her ears, which always drove her wild, and goose bumps rose all over her. “Are you going to be good tonight?” I whispered into her ear. “Mhmm,” I heard her say.

With that I pulled her to my side, sat back a few more inches and lay her body, ass up, across my knees. With one hand I unclasped her bra and began to squeeze and tweak her tits as I got her nipples hard. Then, I reached down and grabbed the bottom of her skirt. “Are you still wet for me baby?” “Yes, baby.” “You didn’t put your panties back on, did you?” “No, sir.” “Good girl.” I ripped up her skirt and revealed her perfect ass, thick, creasing over her perfect thighs. I rubbed her ass cheeks slowly with my hand and felt my cock getting hard underneath her crotch.

I spanked her hard and she moaned, turning her face towards me and staring up at me with a furrowed brow and pouty lips. “Mmmm,” she let out. “You like it when I spank you?” “Mhmmm.” I spanked her again and rubbed her ass. “Good.” I pulled her cheeks apart and exposed her clean-shaven pussy and tight little asshole. Her pussy was wet with anticipation. “Put your fingers inside me,” she said.

Reaching over to her mouth she took my fingers in and twisted her tongue around them. I pulled them out of her mouth, teasing her lips and playing with her clit, tweaking it between two of my fingers. Her body began to bend and ply as she tried to work my fingers into her pussy. With one quick motion I ran two of my soaked fingers down the length of her pussy, back up, and shoved them into her. Her pussy was so tight and immediately sucked them deep into her as I twisted my hand down and began to work her g-spot. Her sex was dripping down my hand as she got off and within moments she was milking on my fingers. I gave her one last spank and told her to get on her knees.

She quickly undid the zip and my cock sprung out. It was inches from her face and she immediately took hold of it with one hand and gulfed my prick in her mouth. Her lips felt like heaven, and her wet, hot mouth made my cock throb. Jerking me off with one hand she buried her face in my balls, sucking and licking all around them. From there she moved lower and licked underneath my balls and swirling her tongue around my asshole.

Wasting no time, she stood up and sat on my cock. She took me in, inch by inch, and began to grind her hips. I grabbed onto the skirt that was still pulled up around her waist and rammed my cock deeper into her. I stayed hard as she continued to bounce up and down on me. Wanting more control, I stood up, holding her tight on my cock, flipped her over, and lay her on the bed. I pushed one of her legs up to her chest, pulled my cock out and teased her clit, rubbing it hard and fast. “Fuck me” she begged. I thrust inside of her. Filling up her tight pussy and pounding deep into her vagina. Harder and deeper I fucked her, while her hand played with her clit and my balls slapped against her asshole. I could feel that she was about to squirt. “I want you to squirt for me” I told her, and she did. She pushed my thick cock out of her pussy and sent her squirt shooting out and washing over my cock. As she rubbed her clit and I began to tweak her asshole with my thumb, she squirted again and again, until her ass was surrounded in a pool of squirt and my cock was dripping wet. I rammed it back inside and with each thrust she came again. Squeezing my cock and squirting all over. I watched as her tits bounced to the rhythm of my strokes and suddenly I got the urge. “I’m going to come, baby.” My shaft filled up with cum. “Get on your knees,” I told her.

She popped off the bed and falling to her knees I stroked my wet cock in front of her. “Come on me, baby,” she said. “Push your tits together,” I told her, and she did, as I began to come all over her sprightly breasts. Streams of my cum covered her beautiful boobs. A little got on her neck and on her chin, but she wiped it all up, running her fingers across her body and licking them clean.

“See, baby, tonight I was a sweet tooth for all of your love…” she grinned at me naughty.

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