The Office Quickie


I walk past your office door. You look up. With a smile, I invite you to follow me. You get up and step out of your office. I deliberately walk slowly in front of you, do not turn around. I know that you follow me. I can feel your eyes on my butt …

We quietly enter the toilet vestibule, nobody seems to be there except us. There has been a tingling between my legs since you left your office. It excites me to go to the bathroom with you, the danger of being caught makes it even more exciting for me.

We go to the last toilet cubicle, you close the door and screen me full of lust. I sit on the toilet lid and spread my legs slightly, while my skirt slips up a bit and allows you to catch a glimpse of my stockings. I stripe the shoes off my feet and slide forward a bit. I support my feet on your chest. Keep your distance. You let your eyes glide over my legs, up to my eyes – I enjoy this unrestricted attention, it makes me wet.

I push my skirt a little higher, your eyes follow my hands. With one hand you go through your hair, the other strokes my instep. I sigh softly with goose bumps over my body.

Your cock is hard in your pants, it pushes against the fabric and pleads. I caress myself between my legs with one hand, stroking my way through the fabric. Lasciviously I lick and suck two of my fingers, and I do not let you out of my sight.

You moan softly and lick your lips. I approach your mouth with one foot. I swipe your bottom lip with my toes while pressing the other foot firmly to your chest. My fingers rub the fabric of my panties, I’m soaking wet. You can already see my sticky wetness. I slide my foot down from your chest and rub your rock-hard cock through the fabric with my sole. I play around your cock with my toes until you are just close to a cumshot.

Meanwhile, my fingers slipped under my panties and are now masturbating my crack. You just watch my finger play and can’t stop gazing at my nimble fingers. The fabric prevents your view. I whisper to you softly “Would you like to watch me without my panties, as I finger you for you?” You just reply avidly “Yes!”. “Then take it off slowly. Very slowly.”

You have to control yourself, do not to tear it from my body, because you are horny at me since day one. Gently, with a trembling breath you pull my panties down and let it fall carelessly. You open your pants and let them slide down to your knees. Your cock jerks out, it is at eye level with me. I can smell your lust, that makes me so hot that I have to sink my fingers into my crack again to fuck myself fast and hard. I support myself with one hand against the wall, I push my toes between your lips and I strike my other foot along your shaft.

You suck and lick my toes through the nylon, you are always greedy. With a broad tongue you lick over my sole, and then you nibble on my toes. My fingers bump into me relentlessly, your surrender makes me mad with lust. I continue to rub your cock with my foot. I firmly take it between my soles, you begin to slowly move your pelvis. Look deeply into my eyes, I order. I let my fingers slide out again and lick them one after the other. You take up speed and now you push faster between my soles.

You’re again about to come when I take my feet off your cock. I spread my thighs wide for you and I let you see everything. With one hand you jerk off, obsessed and possessed. You look at my soaking wet crack and back again into my eyes. With an innocent look, I smile kinky at you. You cannot and do not want to stop and you come in hot spurts between my thighs. You run my wet vagina down to my tight rosette with your palpitating cock.

I love to feel it dripping from my holes!

Lick me clean again, sex slave, and don’t you dare skipping a spot!

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