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Splosh me a merry birthday!


You call me and tell me to pack an extra set of clothes and that you have something for me to wear, too. As part of my training as your sugar babe, I submit and wonder what is coming my way. We drive off and you tell me that a friend of yours wants to meet me. That I was his favourite body type for what he likes. At this point, I’m shivering with fear at what that could mean. When you stop for a light, you reach between my thighs and find me already wet. Taking your fingers and slipping them into my mouth, I suck away my taste of sex. I cast a glance down and I see that your cock is responding in a very insistent way.

I go to reach for your belt and you slap me away. “You’ll get plenty of cock very soon”. That clues me into how excited you are.

We pull up to a building in an industrial park. You carry my bag and the one you brought with you, maybe it is the bag with all our sex slave training equipment?

You hit the buzzer and the door opens, while I catch a hint of vanilla and spice in the air.

It’s a baking facility! In the centre of the room is an inflatable pool. On a table nearby are beautiful cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, fruit, container of honey and heavy cream.

You’ve brought me to a sploshing party? A very slight but attractive man comes out, wearing his cook whites. There’s a woman there too. Tall, dark blonde hair with incredible legs.

You hand me a clothes bag and direct me to a ladies’ room. I slip my clothes off in excitement, my sex scent is pungent. In the bag, is a pair of pink satin panties, which always pleases me, pale pink thigh high stockings and a matching camisole. There’s also an Alice band in black and Mary Janes in pink with black stitching.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel like a sugar plum fairy on steroids. But I like it. I come out and you are all smiling at me. There’s another man, not very tall, greyish brown hair, steely blue eyes, no facial hair. Both the Baker and his fiend have taken off their hair nets. They moved closer to me and the Baker held out his hand. I took it and he murmured how much he liked the outfit, while we moved to the play pool. I watch you as you settle down on a couch. The blonde is sitting next to you smiling. Standing there in this outfit, both the men circled me, dragging a finger along my skin, daring to take little pinching at my ass and breasts. Baker stops in front of me, leaning in to kiss me, strong and heady and my mouth was taken over by him. Hands cupping my breasts, his friend was pressed into my back and I felt his arousal.

The two of them caressed me, whispering and nipping my skin. I looked over at you and the Blonde stood up, and slipped her panties off, giving you a good view of her ass. She grinned as she slid her hand down over her ass, offering it to you. As I was being circled and kissed, I watched as your hand moved over her body. I could hear her little mewls of pleasure. She kneaded your cock through your suit pants.

Your head rolls on your shoulders as you arch up. Her skilled fingers squeeze and milk that bulge. I’m being kneaded and fondled too, I can feel the dampness in front of the panties. I knew my clit was swollen nice and big as he teased. The friend moved the cart with all the cakes and sauces closer. The Baker smiled as he brought over a little table, where the friend placed a wedding cake on, Ivory with antique butter creme roses, in pale pink. He took his finger and dragged some frosting. Smiling he press his finger to my lips. I sucked it and he groaned so nicely. He kissed me, smearing icing on my cheeks and chin. The Friend began to frost my shoulders, then took long laps on my skin. My knees were buckling. I looked at you and Blonde was throating your cock. The way you sat on the couch gave you some room to work her cunt. Each time you thrust your hand into her, she moaned around your prick. The Baker took a handful of cake and put it in my panties. Smashing it into me, I began to shudder and the Friend held on to me.

It was a mad tea party! They offered me cups of good strong iced chai, pouring it over my outfit, making me tremble. He drank it off my skin. He asked the Baker about what sounded like “swing” to me and the Baker went to the other part of the room, coming back with a giant baby swing. I let them guide me into it and my legs were suspended and spread wide. The Friend fell to his knees in front of me with a moan. He starting biting me through the panties, his breath hot on my cunt. He was still smashing cake over my thighs and ass. I arched up to his mouth as he tugged the fabric to one side. I turned to watch you take the Blonde as she leaned over in front of you, to be taken graciously by your mighty limb.

She moans something to you and I watched as she cried out and grimaced. I got wet thinking how your cock must feel in her ass.

The Baker smashed cake over my tits. His tongue took long laps on my nipples, tugging them in his mouth. I felt so giddy, so light, I never had this before. The Friend pulled some things from the tray. I felt the banana as it entered, it was cold and so thick. They drizzled spiced apricots over my belly and warm honey flowed all over my cunt. They began feasting on me. I was arching up for the tongues and fingers. The Friend was working my cunt over with his exceptional tongue, swirling over my fat berry clit and nibbling the banana. His fingers used the honey to ease open my ass. I cried out as he began rimming me. The Baker’s thick cock was right at my mouth, covered in hot chocolate for my delight. I rolled from climax to climax, while I was watching you and her.

The friend left the banana inside me and called the Blonde. She was walking shaky after the ramming you gave her. She leaned over my pussy and began to eat. Her tongue knew exactly where to touch me. She finished the banana and was pouring honey and creme over my cunt. She pressed her face into my sex. The Friend grabbed her by the hair and forced her to make her face all nice and sticky. You came over and licked all over my stomach and breasts. Some of the cakes had marzipan as filling and you kissed me with a mouthful.

I slid out of the swing and the floor of the pool was covered in fruit, honey and cake. We were all painted in delicious sauces, some of our own making. I felt myself roll into your arms and as you kissed me, my legs were parted. The Friend started fucking me with long slow plunges. The Baker was in the pile with us as Blonde worked over his cock. Feasting on him. I opened my mouth to you to suck the sweet honey from your cock. Your grunts and curses made me grind harder into Friend’s thrusts. I heard one cry of release as the Friend gushed so much cum over the Blonde’s already frosted breasts.

My cunt is being fucked now from behind by the Baker. The Blonde is sucking my clit, bringing another round of climaxes. You pull from my mouth letting my cries and keening free. I shudder so hard, neither one of them has stopped. I know she’s lapping Friend’s cock as he fucks me. You fill my mouth again and with your back arching I taste your quickening cum. Oh, so much…

I heard the Friend’s moaning as his hips bucked and he shuddered. The Blonde caught his cock as he slipped from me, taking all the cunt juices, honey and cum. The Baker sat back with a little smile on his face. We were covered from head to toe in frosting, honey, fruit and sex mead, with a touch of Darjeeling. It felt delightful, licking each other clean. Curling around each other, sniffing our fingers, savouring each lap.

There was a big shower stall nearby. Starting the water, I feel you slip in behind me. Hosing all our dessert off. You’re hard again and I turn around for you. Offering you my ass. I hear your little moan as you push into me, holding onto the shower rail as you pump into me. They move closer to watch, pulling back the curtain as you fuck your sugar baby. The Baker draws on his cigarette, eyes lidded. Sugar daddy is having his sugar babe’s ass so she knows he owns her. I’m dizzy and start to slide but I’m being held up by the others. The Blonde kissed me warmly and tells me that I’m lovely, with soft murmurs and kisses as you slap my cheeks. Oh, I love your cries as you leave another hefty load inside me.

What a sploshing party that was!

I’m pleasantly wasted as you look over at me and grin, “Happy birthday, baby.”

I notice a little pink frosting in your ear and smile in delight…

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