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You are mine

You are mine

He walked in, with a blank face.

“Take that off,” He ordered, pointing to my towel. I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard a knock at the door.

“Turn around over here up on the couch and bend over.”

There was no warning, just three heavy, hard smacks on my bare wet ass. I moaned, absorbing the pain. I wouldn’t allow myself to wince, though his hands bit into my flesh, and left my ass stinging. He shoved a couple of fingers into my pussy to feel how wet I was and quickly removed them, he moved them in and out fast, feverishly. I started to rock into the motion, but he stopped. Denied. I cried out as he smacked my ass again, harder. A tidal wave rolled inside of me, and reached itself up high. He pulled his fingers out of me. The denial was excruciating. I was so close to climax.

He pulled me up, and used his opposite hand to guide me onto my feet on the floor.

”Walk,” he said and smacked my bottom again.

I said nothing, only obeyed. My nipples were tight and hard. I caught sight of the two of us in the hall mirror, on the way back to the room.

“Face down, on the bed. Did I say to look at me?”

I took a deep breath and exhaled it extra slowly. I felt and heard the smack of the large, wide bamboo brush against my skin. I cried out. He used his free hand to caress my hurt cheek, then smacked me again.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” I answered with each new smack. The moans got louder coming from me. He reached two fingers into my pussy from behind, filling me, completely, stretching me. I could feel how wet I was. He ran his nails from both hands all over my thighs, cheeks, hips and up my back. He started groping at me, twisting the thick of my ass in his hands and pulling at me, toying with my clit through bites and swats, and started devouring my asshole.

I was on a higher plane by now, completely out of touch with the pain. Sometimes I completely lost touch with how much was too much, and he was too strong and powerful to realize my limits, as well. I could tell from the shaking on the bed that he was stroking himself. He ordered me to reach down and rub my clit. I could feel myself tighten on him, he was fingering my ass now.

“Roll over, I want your ass now”, he commanded.

I rolled over and immediately spread myself for him, he brought his hand up for me to lick some of my juices off of him.

“Are you mine?” I looked in his eyes and clearly said “I’m yours, only” as he slid his cock into my ass, after coating it with juices from pulling his hand out of my pussy while we spoke. I winced, as his size was more than I could usually bare. He stopped where he was. He knew not to push too far.

I kept circling my clit with my fingers. I felt more and more pleasure from him, so he slid deeper and deeper with every few moments. Finally, he was fully inside of me., I rocked into him, wanting more and more. I was going absolutely wild.

It was something of a fetish of both of ours, honestly… occasionally. But it was not something I could imagine having with other lovers. Just him. There was a level of arousal, and trust I had with himof total comfort in sharing what I wanted completely.

He reached to grab my hand to replace his on my clit, then lay forward and finally began to kiss me.

“You’re mine,” he whispered then and bent to chew, suck and fondle my breasts. He slid into my creamy pussy, pulling my hand away from my clit and locked his mouth on mine. He was stroking me repeatedly, pounding so hard that my thighs ached from his weight of.

I panted and cried out to him. I could hear myself getting louder, and louder. He moved to pull out of me, fell on his knees, close to me and stroking himself.

“Here you go baby,” he said just before bending closer to me and releasing his seed. 

I wrapped my lips around his pulsating speer and pressed my tongue on the underside as the last of the many squirts came through to my mouth, leaving it dripless.

“You can take one hell of a punishment baby,” he said softly, moving to lay down, taking me into his arms. He kissed me, deeply and powerfully. I melted in his embrace and never wanted to leave it.

“You give a savoury punishment, too, baby,” I smirked naughtily.

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