Fetish and Fantasy – a brief glossary

Fetish and Fantasy – a brief glossary

Fetishes and sexual fantasies are mostly secret. When not, they are kept between four walls. Finding private information is not easy, as well as identifying partners to fulfill your fantasies and desires can become an (almost) impossible mission. But the taboo imposed by current standards in society has been being broken, in order to give room to strictly adult pleasure … because, once assumed between partners that it is in search of mutual pleasure, then it becomes the largest convention and may they be happy ever after.

This brief glossary describes some of the most common fetishes and sexual practices, including:

Anal Play: fetishes linked to the anus and its stimulation and preparation for anal sex.

Asphyxia: (dangerous) practice that consists of prohibiting the entry of air at the moment of orgasm, with the purpose of prolonging it.

Vanilla: used by fetishists and sadomasochists for non-practitioners.

BDSM: abbreviation for bondage, domination and sadomasochism.

Bondage: immobilization by ropes and handcuffs, usually on the arms and wrists. Head and neck are not immobilized. Practice bondage only with someone experienced, there are limits to everything.

Branding: skin blisters, as a mean of pain or as a mark on a sexual slave in a sadomasochistic relationship, becoming the property of its dominator or dominatrix.

Butt Plug: rubber-like penis but with a wider base, used as vibrator or for anal training.

Cage: a metal or wooden cage used to trap someone in a sadomasochistic relationship.

Canning: bamboo stick, used as a disciplining instrument to punish the submissive sexual slave.

Cat o ‘Nine Tail: multi-pronged lashes to exert mastery and stimulation through pain.

CBT (Cock and Ball Torture): torture and pain in the male genital region, usually with weights and clamps, also known as Ballbusting.
Clamps: clamps suitable for the labia, glans, scrotum and nipples. Some come with intensity control.

Crossdressing: use of opposite sex clothes and mime, which does not imply being gay.
Electrostimulation: the practice of stimulating arousal or causing the individual to orgasm involuntarily by means of electric shocks.

Enema: simple anal washing.

Fist Fucking: practice (well diffused and practiced) of inserting the hand and wrist in the anus or vagina. Described as an incredible sensation, done calmly and only with experienced people.

Gag Ball: an instrument that prevents speech. The most common is a rubber or silicone ball placed in the mouth, in a submissive relationship.

Golden Shower: the famous golden shower, which involves pleasure in the partner’s urine.

Masochism: sexual pleasure through pain, humiliation and domination.

Medical Play: sexual game between a patient (unprotected, shy, anesthetized) and another that acts as a doctor. It’s just a harmless sting, it does not hurt at all!

Nipple Bondage: tightening ropes or clamps to the female breasts or male nipples (if you have ring piercings).

Podophilia: sexual attraction for feet and accessories like socks (nylon ones are a fetish in itself) and shoes. Most of the time, the foot odor is part of the excitement.

Ponyboy (girl): submissive partner, trained to behave like a foal, with proper costumes and accessories.

Rimming: the Greek kiss – oral sex on the anus, fairly common and not dangerous, with proper hygiene.

Spanking: sex with spanks, usually on the buttocks. It can be with the palm of your hand, whips, canes, among others. The beat pace is more important than its intensity.

Sadomasochism: practice where partners turn pain (physical and / or psychological) into sexual pleasure.

Socratism: inserting fingers into the anus for sexual pleasure.

Subspace: mental and physical state, caused by a large release of endorphins to combat physical pain within a dominated relationship or sadomasochism.

Suction: manual or electric pumps that suck parts of the body through a vacuum.

Swing: group sex. Often, the simple swap between couples, who are stable.

Tickling: tickling and pinching someone. Simple and not innocent at all!

Trampling: to be trampled by someone, barefoot or wearing shoes, boots, heels. Back, legs and trunk are safer zones. Very common in foot fetishists.

TT: breasts and nipples torture by any means.

Voyeur: person who gets excited by observing others in erotic situations, with no prior consent of the observed.
The consensual variant calls the observer the cuckold (most common, the husband observing his wife with others).

Water Sports: fetishes involving the presence of urine or enema.

Whipping: use of whip for sexual stimulation.

**This text does not reflect, necessarily, ApartadoX opinion.

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