What is nylon fetishism and why is it so popular among the male sexual imagery!

Fetiche de nylon

Today, my blog presents you the erotic nylon fetishism. The nylon fetishism is a very diversified sexual preference because, for many people, a hidden body is much more attractive than a completely naked body and also because the way the noble synthetic fibers feels to its touch is incomparable, when we adorn ourselves with this so singular fabric.

For most nylon fetishists, just a brief glimpse at a piece of nylon on a woman’s body releases the sexual tension of sweet madness. The nylon fetishism comes often along with shoe fetishism and foot fetishism, also known as podophilia.

In order to excite the sexual partner for the game of love, legs and other parts of the body are covered, letting them anticipate the soft secret of delicate skin, almost within reach, under the erogenous nylon texture. For many, it is not enough to see me in elegant and sexy socks, in a secret languid sensuality that invites them to play with me – they prefer to try the nylon socks on themselves, exclusively to satisfy their sexual desire.

How I live my nylon fetishism:

I love to feel the elastic feel of this fine fabric on my attractive body and the lustful looks of my nylon slave. I like to combine my nylon stockings with erotic suspenders and provocative lingerie to excite you and make your heart want to explode on my breasts full of desire. I have learned throughout my sensual photography sessions that in my elegant nylon stockings I know exactly how to use the plump charms of my body to create original and sensual stances, that reveal the erotic scent of the fetishism they adore.

When they screen my attractive body, partially encased in nylon, their eyes release lust in ecstasy of voluptuousness and they cannot, nor do they want to take their eyes away from me … and then I know, that I have a sexual slave ready to satisfy my own desires, at the same time that I provoke a spurt of sensations in my sex toy, until the intense mutual orgasm.

If you are looking for pictures of fetishism and sexy videos in nylon lingerie, you can admire me here … or, let me come to you!

You know the gig of fetishism: if it pleases both, it is allowed!

**This text does not reflect, necessarily, ApartadoX opinion.

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