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Duchess Domina

Contos Eróticos: A Duquesa da Dominação

The duchess and I were recently at the theatre. The duchess wore a tight black silk evening gown, with a slit at the front, so that with each step one could see her long legs and her black seam nylon stockings.

Magically, she drew the glances on her. And then it happened! A dapper gentleman collided with her! The champagne flute, which she just held in her hands, fell to the ground and broke into a thousand pieces. “Down with you!” And then the Lord fell to his knees and began to pick up the pieces. “Excuse me dear lady! Excuse my careless behaviour! “With trembling hands he picked up the pieces, the mistress looked down at him with a smug smile. As he reached for the last shard, the high-heel of the duchess descended. He could feel her heel piercing his skin. “In ten minutes I expect you in my box!” With these words the duchess walked away.

On time, the unknown entered the box of the Domina and kneeled immediately before the duchess. “Come closer to me!” she commanded the submissive slave and immediately he came crawling on. Now she pointed to a small hole that one of the shards had torn into her silk stockings. “You will pay for it!” No sooner had the mistress pronounced this, she had already grabbed the slave by the collar and pressed him to the ground. Now the strict lady, the duchess, pulled one of her nylon stockings from her divine legs.

She slowly pulled her stocking apart and put it over the legs and lower body of the slave. After the mistress slid the second stocking slowly down her lofty leg, she pulled the nylon stocking over her head and upper body of the foot slave lying at her feet. Motionless he lay there and sucked in the smell of the worn stockings, in which the slave was now fixed by a SM nylon bondage. “And now you will lick the high heels of your mistress clean!” The slave felt the intense foot dominance of the duchess.

The resounding command of the Domina was immediately effective. With difficulty, the slave, tied up in nylon stockings, began to slide his tongue over the duchess’s high heels. Worshipfully, he licked his Domina’s leather high heels. After the mistress had him working for several minutes eagerly with the submissive slave tongue, she suddenly pulled off her high heels and pushed one of her divine feet into the mouth of the slave. The other foot of the mistress wandered between the thighs of the slave. “Oh, what do we have there?” the duchess asked with a sadistic laugh, pressing her toes even tighter between the slave’s legs. “You will now prove yourself as my foot slave!”

The foot slave licked and massaged each divine foot toe of the foot Dominatrix. He circled the red painted toenails with his devote tongue and massaged the soles of the mistress with outstretched tongue. All the while, the foot mistress played with her feet on the body of the foot sex slave.

After the performance, the mistress took a silk scarf from her neck and began to tie the subordinates completely to become a motionless package. Throughout the performance, the foot fetish slave had to prove his humility with his tongue on the high heels and feet of the mistress. Now and then he felt one of the heels on his body. Only when the performance was over, the princess freed him again from his stocking bondage.

then, the goddess took one of the stockings, opened his zipper and untied the rampant piece. A low groan came from his throat as the duchess pulled on the other end of the stocking …

Today he is her foot slave and lust toy… do you long to be the next foot-slave of the duchess?

If you go one step further and seek total enslavement as her foot-slave property, you will be lascively punished, anywhere, anyhow, every time.

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