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From cybersex to reality


I already had hot chats with Joe. What ff the real sex would be so great? I could hardly wait for our first meeting.

Joe and I got to know each other on the internet. First, we chatted normally, later we exchanged our erotic wishes. What I read on my screen made me hot, so I really wanted to meet Joe in real life.

Unfortunately, he lives a little further away, so we could not meet immediately. But, finally, the big day was here: I drove to him. Today I would meet Joe in person!

At the station I recognized him immediately. He really looked as hot as the picture he had sent me. We drank a cup of coffee on the way and took the subway to his home. The chemistry between us worked not only in the on-line chat, because in the train we already kissed passionately.

Of course, after the wild kissing we went directly to his bedroom. We could barely keep our hands off each other and kissed each other very intensely. We hugged and smooched ourselves, he took off my sweater and nudged me gently on the bed. I felt an insane tingling not only in the stomach. A crazy feeling of pleasure spread throughout my body.

He laid down on me and we rolled around a bit, I took off his shirt and gently stroked his back. Finally, he kissed my neck, my breasts and my stomach gently, opened my bra and played tenderly on my nipples. That started me off!

But he should not be too swift, so he turned on his back and I sat on him to caress his well-toned upper body with my lips. I felt a hard bump in his pants. His excitement also made me pretty horny.

He seemed to remember what I was thinking, untied my belt and stripped off my jeans. Then he threw me back on the bed, turned me on my back and started kissing my legs. I almost went crazy as he savoured me with his tongue over my knees up to my thong and then paused to smile at me. Fantastic! I reached out to him my mound of Venus and he granted me my wish: he took off my panties and spoiled my clitoris, which made me groan loudly.

He was totally horny for me but he was still not naked: after he had licked me so well that I could hardly wait, I opened his belt and took off his pants, so I could play with him.

His cock was already very stiff, but when I took it in my hands to jerk him off hard, it got even harder. His dick could hardly wait for our union, just like me.

I wrapped Joe in my legs and pulled him to me, hoping he would finally free me from the torments of my lust with dreamlike sex!

But no, he simply did not let that happen! He further delayed our climax by rubbing his cock against my clit. With that he only made me more insane, I moaned louder and finally begged him: “Take me, please!” And finally, after my teased plea, he penetrated deep into me, he groaned, he fucked me away into a dreamland until we both finally came with a loud groan and sank entwined on the bed.

We looked at each other happily and knew that this first time was not the last for this day. It is a pity that we see each other so seldom, but like that the joy of anticipation for more increases for both of us!

How good to come off from cybersex to a wild real life sex!

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