Our dirty little secret


She is hot – but she was spoken for. Therefore, everything that happens between them must remain secret.

The room empties slowly and as the door falls noisily into the lock, they were left alone in the room. He is still sitting at the table he shared with his buddies. Nervously, he runs his hand through his hair, looks over at her and smiles at her. Her eyes sparkle in the dim light.

“And now?” She turns around, pours another glass of wine and leans against the table. He watches her tensely, unsure what to do. Carefully she puts the glass aside, braces herself with her hands and sits down on the table top.

Her skirt has slipped up a bit. Her eyes follow his eyes as they pause on her knees. As her legs slowly open, he can recognize the slip between her thighs. A small triangle disappearing between her buttocks. By the delicate tip of the panties, he can only imagine the narrow crack beneath.

She sits quietly and smiles at him. But suddenly she reaches for the hem of the skirt as if in slow motion and pulls him a little higher. He can barely grasp what she’s doing and stares at her with her mouth slightly open.

As she spreads her legs wide, he can see her crack that shines through the delicate fabric. He stabs undiminished between her thighs. Only when she begins to open the upper buttons of her blouse, does he look up.

As he watches her hand slipping under the bra, he exhales heavily. His cock is pressing urgently against his pants. The bump makes her sigh lustfully. Now she slides her upper body backwards until she is lying on her elbows. The room is filled with crackling eroticism.

She shifts her weight to her left arm, raises her right hand lightly and places it on her stomach. Her fingers slowly move down the folds of her skirt until they are between her thighs. A faint moan escapes her throat as she begins to rub across her Venus Mount.

The scenery fascinates him so much that he sits there mesmerized. When her fingers find their way under the panties, he feels like on fire. Their eyes meet. She can see in his eyes pure desire, horniness and sheer greed. Skilfully, she pushes aside the few fabrics that has denied him the view of her most intimate position so far. What he sees now, lets him almost speechless: her pubic mound is shaved! Not a hair.

At this sight, he feels a painful pulling in the groin area. Now her fingers slide between the gap. Despite the dim light, he can see her moisture shine. With her fingers, she opens her labia very far so that he can spot her clitoris. As she plays with herself in a circular motion, she looks at him defiantly.

He gets up hastily and rushes to her. Her fingers are still playing with her clit as he drops to her knees in front of her. His hand encloses the knuckle of her right foot, which is still on the ground. He bends her leg and puts his foot on the table as well. Now she sits with her legs bent, legs apart, in front of him. The skirt has slid up to the belly, the black boots are a stark contrast to her fair skin.

He covers her thighs, leans forward and presses his face against her wet vagina. He feels the warmth of her wet shame on his cheeks, his lips feel the small hard bud. He moves his head quickly back and forth.

Her fingers bury themselves in his hair and press him tighter in her crotch. Her breathing is spasmodic. Suddenly both stand still in their position – for a second. Then she feels his tongue, tender yet determinative. He licks her from the bottom up and explores her with the tip of his tongue – no spot is left aside as she moans, longing for her first orgasm.

Her lust screams spur him on, so he begins to suck on her clit. The eyes closed and she is full of surrender as he starts to push her fingers while licking her clit. “Yeah, yeah,” she yells, “keep going, do not stop,” so he presses his mouth firmly on her bud and massages it with quick movements, while his fingers slide deep into her sweet vagina.

When she cries out loud and turns, he feels her rhythmic convulsions of joy. As her orgasm flattens noticeably, he slips his tongue through her hot crevice one last time. Boundless lust.

He gets up and leans over her. Greedy, she takes his face in her hands and sticks her tongue deep in his mouth. Their tongues tip perform a wild dance. His mouth wanders along her neck and disappears into her open blouse. He pulls her bra over her chest, the wart of him stretches hard and pointed.

He wraps her nipples with his lips and starts sucking hard. She moans and rears up, stretching her breasts towards him. He squeezes them with both hands. She presses her pussy against his crotch. He lets off her breasts, grabs the straps of her thong and pulls her panties up to her knees for the wild sex on the table is about to begin.

She stretches her legs up so he can take her panties off completely. As he frantically fiddles with his jeans, she stays in that position, only to see a crevice stretching from the buttocks upwards between her thighs. Just as his pants slip into his knees, she balances in the air and he can see her magnificent vagina.

He takes his stone-hard cock in his hand and leads it to her love cave, which glows dark red and damp in anticipation. As she grasps between her thighs and pulls her vagina apart. His penis touches the entrance. Slowly, to enjoy the moment to the fullest, he invades her.

He exhales a sigh of pleasure and relief. Then he pulls out of her. His hands enclose the soft leather of her boots. Gently, he spreads her legs apart, pushes his loins forward and bends his upper body backwards – so he can watch his cock sink deep inside her. Over and over again. Suddenly he lets go of her and pulls her off the table. His best piece stands upright as he turns her over and pushes her bare breasts onto the table. His legs are pushing between hers. She does not resist him and spreads her legs apart.

Her wonderful cheeks stretch out to meet him. He puts his hands on them and pulls her tight ass apart. The sight excites him even more. This time she is the one who leads his cock to the entrance of her love cove. His hands cover her hips as he enters her. Both fall into a pleasurable moan.

She starts to rub her pussy. She rubs her clit, he pushes harder and harder – until she feels the waves of joy and relief throughout her body and she feels him coming, too. Then he lets himself fall forward and lies exhausted on her. His hot breath tickles her ear.


“Oh baby, that was so cool,” he whispers. “My stallion!” She replies grinning. The swelling of his penis is slowly backing down. He pulls out his cock and puts his hand on her vagina. With circular movements, he rubs her labia.

The heat and wetness, which now emanates from her vagina, satisfies him. Suddenly they hear footsteps. He hastily pulls up his pants as she straightens her skirt. Just as the door opens, she stuffs the thong in her handbag.

The bearded man, who suddenly stands in the room, looks around. “I thought there were nobody left,” he growls, looking at the table they had just been bumming on. “Uh, we just wanted to leave,” he explains, slightly embarrassed. “We just wanted to put a few things together,” she adds with an innocent look, grabs her bag and casually walks towards the exit.

He grabs his jacket and runs after her. They both stay outside. He greedily takes in the cold air. She looks into the starry sky. “It was nice,” she says into the silence, “but now I have to go home. I think my husband is waiting.” “Hmm” he answers wistfully. “Goodbye, beautiful”.

She says “Ciao!” as she walks across the street to her car. He is still standing there for a few minutes, watching the red taillights disappearing as he sighs satisfied.

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