Lost bet


My fellow student Oliver was the crush of all girls. He had great looks and was always happy, and unceremoniously rummaged every woman. Of course, it was known that he slept with many girls and he did not have lasting relationships.

Nevertheless, hardly a woman resisted his charm. Many gave themselves up very quickly. For days he courted others, until he had conquered them. Although his whole appearance impressed me too, I had made up my mind not to sleep with him, if he should ever try to have a go on me. One day, I sat alone at the sidewalk café in the afternoon and enjoyed a laidback meal.

Oliver came down the street, saw me, approached my table and sat down. After ordering a coffee and having talked about trivial things for a while, he addressed me head-on with a beguiling smile in a friendly tone: “I hear you have something against me, that you are afraid to get laid by me and that you have sworn to never sleep with me, why do you say that, what do you know about me, only the bad stories that are told about me!”

I was taken by surprise, denying his insinuation with weak words.
But he continued to attack with a charming smile, put his hands on my arms, gripped and squeezed them gently. “If you gave me a chance to introduce myself to you, if we just spent a few hours talking, then you’d ask me to sleep with you, and I’d bet ten bottles of champagne.” – “You lose the bet!” was my spontaneous but wrong reaction; because then I had accepted the bet and had to spend the next few hours with him and prove my determination.

So, we stayed together until the evening. We talked earnestly, joked and became more and more familiar with each other. Later, we swam in the river, trying to look at his body unobtrusively and imagine what it would feel like to be in and around me. Would his touch be as seductive as his words? He looked at me with appreciative eyes in my skimpy bikini, but made no attempt at a physical approach. With words he was sometimes mocking, sometimes improperly direct and then again empathetic and charming. In the evening we ate a snack in the garden restaurant.

When it got dark, we paid, rose and walked silently side by side through the city park in the direction of the dorm. He stopped at a dark spot, grabbed my hands and said, “You won the bet, I’m defeated. Let’s finish our race with a friendly kiss”

Surprised by his task, but also attracted by his charm and encouraged by the familiarity that had developed in the past few hours, I took a step towards him, closed my eyes and offered him my mouth. Then I felt very the light kiss of his lips. He hugged me. It was nice. And then the realization came to me: “He outsmarted me, seduced me, now it is too late, there is no going back, but why, I want him, I want to do it with him!”

His tongue came between my lips. Our bodies huddled together. Through my thin summer dress, I felt his cock hardening. Butterflies fluttered in my belly, I felt myself wet. His right leg pressed between my thighs, lifting up there against my pussy. I pressed against it, rubbed against him. The excitement flooded me up from my lust cove into my abdomen to my fingertips. I jumped in his arms, intensely excited and breathed intermittently. Oliver pushed me off a bit: “You like it, tell me, that I should fuck you!” – “Yes, yes, take me!” I groaned. Now I wanted it: raw sex, to be fucked by him. I wanted to feel him invade me and make me come.

I lifted my dress and got rid of my panties. He undid his belt, dropped his pants and pulled down his boxers. I saw him unpack a condom and roll it over his stiff member. Then he took me determined and powerful under the buttocks, lifted me up, leaned me against a broad tree, whose rough bark I felt clearly on the back. I had my arms around his neck, clenching my legs around his hips.

Determined, he penetrated me. He rammed through me, but it was painless, it was lust and avid pleasure. I hold motionless, impaled on his cock, my bare legs wrapped high above and around his body. With his hands he began to slowly fuck me by taking me up and down. The tree bark scratched my back. His member was sliding in and out of me. I kissed him, but he was busy on the lower pleasure dome. He moved slowly and steadily, back and forth. At the same time, he raised and lowered me. My pussy was adoring this specialized treatment of deep penetration. My labia opened and closed to suck in the intruder, relinquishing it to crave for more penetration. I felt Oliver’s penis hard and warm, deep within me. That was pure pleasure, unique, cool!

He moved faster, pushing deeper. I picked up his movements, he replied by reinforcing them. I felt how it further excited him when I flooded his cock with a lavish orgasm. Oliver was also nearing his peak, groaning with joy. And then I felt his cum splash. A feeling of deepest physical and emotional satisfaction filled me.

He held a long moment together with me, before he lifted me from me and put on my wobbly feet. Unfused, he removed the condom and threw it carelessly into the close-by bin. We dressed up silently. Then he hugged me, hold me in his arms and kissed me.

And I just told him: “It was really great with you, I have not experienced such a great thing for a long time, all we would bring now would be repetition and routine, so I’m not going to fuck with you again. You were really good fuck, and this is how I want to remember you, thank you!”

Although I lost my bet, I felt like I scored quite well…

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