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Night Stop


Marc and I are colleagues – we both work for a large airline. He’s a pilot, I’m a flight attendant. To my luck, I often fly with him.

Recently, we have an affair with each other, which we want to keep in all circumstances, after all, we are there for work and not for the mere pleasure. Recently, we were again grouped together in a crew. When I see him, I am overcome by a pleasant shiver – he looks so good and sexy in his tailor-made, night-blue uniform, which brings out his well-toned, slim and tall body so wonderfully. We fly to Hurghada and I’m really looking forward to it. Already during the whole flight I imagine in my imagination how I spend the night with him. I try to distract myself and I’m glad about every move that needs to be done.
After landing and the formalities to be done we drive to the hotel, which is beautifully located on the beach. It is early in the evening and the sun dips the sea in a golden shimmering pink. The crew checks in at the hotel and we also get our room keys. We fill out our forms and then get in the elevator, which brings us to the fifth floor.
Already in the elevator he pushes me against the wall and kisses me slowly and gently on the mouth. I return his kisses and get hotter and hotter on him. I stare at his baggy pants and look forward to what will follow in the hotel room. Marc opens the door and immediately lets her fall into the lock. I glance at him auspiciously. He comes up to me, opens my hair clip and combs with his slender fingers my mocha-brown, long hair. I enjoy the moment and close my eyes …
But I’m getting restless: today I do not feel like a long prelude with a lot of banter, no, I want him right away and whisper it in his ear. I notice how much he is thrilled with my sudden change of heart. We pull out more than quickly our uniforms and are now naked before each other. I put him on the king size bed. As we continue to kiss, I hand it to him until he has a really hard stand. He pushes me on the back and lies down on me – I’m just waiting for him to finally penetrate me. I’m so wet as I have not been for a long time. He finally does it and I spread my legs wide for him.
He moves it slowly and with a lot of feeling and we quickly find a good rhythm. I pull him closer to me and moan softly in his ear. He pushes him deeper into me and because I’m so wet, he slides effortlessly back and forth and pushes me the way I need it to get really hot. He caresses my face with his soft lips while he sleeps with me and whispers to me that he wants to get it from behind me.
We part briefly from each other and I put a big pillow under my pelvis, because I can come this way better. Marc invades me again and it feels even more wonderful. He pushes harder now and makes me feel every one of his thrusts deep inside me. I can no longer hold on to myself and moan louder and louder. His cock fills me in this position particularly bulging and firm. We fuck faster and faster and our bodies are covered by a light sweat film. After he pushes his cock several times in me intensively and pushes, it comes to me violently. I notice that he too is about to culminate and let him come deep inside of me. Exhausted, we remain a few minutes entwined lie before we go into the shower. Then we will go to the hotel bar and probably spoil ourselves in the room again … invited by my assistant attendant who likes a nice threesome! I am sure Marc won’t mind it…

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