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Hot surprise in the night


It was one of those nights when my friend and I went to bed separately. I was dead tired and he was tied up in one of his favourite series, which I only watched for his sake. Although I tried to stay awake a bit so we could cuddle up later, I did not succeed.

I dozed off and was confused and my senses were trying to figure out who or what might have awakened me. While I tried to sort out my thoughts, I felt a rough hand brushing my stomach in a circular motion. Obviously, my friend had come to bed with me.

How long I had slept, I did not know, I lacked any sense of space and time. Soft lips touched my skin and I felt a light goose bumps on my arms and legs. The hands moved down to my feet and began to gently massage them. Meanwhile, his lips worked slowly higher, warm kisses covered my thighs.

It got warm between my legs, my pulse was racing. Carefully I opened my eyes, in the darkness I could only vaguely recognize my friend. As he directed his gaze in my direction, I quickly closed my eyelids and pretended to be asleep. He felt his way cautiously upwards, he had strayed from my feet and so slowly he approached the sensitive inside of my thighs.

What a nice way to be awakened!

His hands reached around my hips and he began to lick me. I groaned, could no longer control myself. He stopped briefly and when our eyes met, he smiled with charming lust. Then his tongue sank again in my lap and I stopped thinking.

While he spoiled my pearl, he began to fuck me with his finger. Hot waves of excitement washed around my body and I moaned and groaned delighted and full of pleasure.

Just before I came, he suddenly left me and kneaded alternately my breasts, whose nipples stood hard. We kissed passionately and my hands grabbed his hard cock, I finally wanted to feel it.

As I gently massaged his cock and let it slide through my hands, I felt his faster-breathing breath on my ear. Now he could not wait any longer, turned resolutely aside and penetrated deep into me from behind. I forgot everything around me and as his thrusts got faster and harder, I gasped loudly and begged for more. My body felt like it was about to explode.

I felt like a huge orgasm grabbed me and his fingers clawed in my butt, as he came. Panting we held each other tight in our arms and fell asleep in each other on that hot night.

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dominada no deck

Helplessly tied up on deck


Lost bet