Special Christmas

Special Christmas

A nice foot rub or attentive back massage is a nice gift for a relationship and a special occasion demands more than a quick rub. Let’s develop some massage skills and make your partner melt through the bedsheets, just like a special Christmas gift.

There’s a lot of different styles – from hot stone to Shiatsu. However, you’ll be doing something more gentle, erotic and romantic: like a Swedish Massage with a dash of aromatherapy, between French Toast and dreams, with a happy ending (open option).

The classic Swedish massage is very common, based on the Western ideas of anatomy and health rather than the energy based Asian type.

It uses five kinds of strokes:

• Effleurage – long smooth strokes

• Petrissage – kneading, rolling, and lifting

• Friction – wringing or small circular movements

• Tapotement – percussion

• Vibration – rocking and shaking movements

Most people will stick to the first three, since the latter two require some previous professional training.

Set the mood in a private and temperature-controlled area – around 25 Celsius. You don’t want the person too hot or cold. Remember, the naked body can still get a chill, so have some warm, soft blankets handy.

Music should be soft and instrumental to relax and let the mind go and feel free to slip into arousal. Avoid Last Christmas by George Michael and All I Want for Christmas is You by Maria Carey: a smooth chillout and environmental ambiance work very well.

Candles are perfect – specifically tea lights, since they won’t fall over and come in many scents. If you’re lucky enough to have a dimmer dial, turn it way down. And a crackle of a Christmas fireplace with the flames throwing fleeting hollows into the room would do wonders for the mood setting.

Have your partner take a warm shower or hot bath first. Massaging on clean skin is nicer and the heat is naturally relaxing.

There’s no wrong choice of oils – but warming and cooling oils should be avoided due to possible allergic reaction and they aren’t good for a lady’s private parts.

Choose between almond (it’s smooth, oily, but doesn’t absorb as fast), apricot kernel, avocado, camellia, coconut, grapeseed, hemp, jojoba, rosehip seed, safflower, soy, sunflower, walnut,

Don’t be afraid to add a couple drops of essential oils and elevate the senses.

• Rose, jasmine and Ylang Ylang are for romance and relaxing

• Lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit are invigorating

• Lavender is an all-around divine oil with countless benefits

Remember, always do an allergy spot test before applying oils all over the body.

You’ll need a stable but comfortable surface for your partner to lay on – the bed or a massage table will work.

You can either have your partner cradle the head in the arms or put a pillow under the chest and another under the forehead – even roll up a towel and make a ring they can rest the face in while lying on the stomach.

It’s important to keep communicating during the session to make sure your partner likes what you’re doing or if there is something you can change to improve the pleasure.

Never give a massage with the expectation of getting your own right after and not all massages need to have a happy ending.

As with everything: practice makes perfect, and offering an intimate and sensual massage is a very unique gift … maybe even a massage by someone that knows better?

Special massage services can be found at – everyone deserves a Christmas with a special gift.

Merry Christmas from your ApartadoX team!

**This text does not reflect, necessarily, ApartadoX opinion.

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