Massage tips for happy endings

Massagem com Final Feliz

Go slowly.

If you can only remember one thing, let it be this.

If you think you’re going slow, go slower. Taking your time also allows you to focus on your technique and how your partner is feeling. This is the key to a sensual massage.

It is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you want your partner to turn to sexual putty, and you’re doing a full body massage, you should aim for at least an hour. If you’re just doing feet and the back, do it for 30 minutes.

Always start with a light and gentle touch.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable and mood-killing than someone who thinks they’re a deep tissue masseur that goes in with their hardest pinches and pokes and elbows.

Only after you’ve sent some significant shivers up their body and brought them into a complete state of relaxation, can you gradually increase pressure, that should be firm, but still pleasurable.

Keep things equal. 

Don’t spend 5 minutes on one leg and 1 minute on the other. Hold your attention evenly distributed.

Keep an eye on your partner. 

If they seem to be enjoying themselves, keep going. If they’re making grimacing faces, painful grunts, or are moving away from your hands, adjust what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to ask if they like it or how they want things changed.

Warm up the oil.

Never put massage oil right on the skin. First, put it on your hands, let the natural heat warm it up, and then distribute it evenly across the part of the body you’re working with.

Attend to the overlooked spots.

The scalp, earlobes, back of the knee or around the knee cap, wrists, jaw, temples…  all these can be very nice. 

Aside from feeling good, it shows them you pay attention to the little things.

If you’re going to massage the scalp, do it before you get oil on your hands, of course.

Body part order. 

Back, neck, and back of the legs. Turn over. Front of the legs, feet, arms, hands, breasts/chest second last, then genitals for the grand finale. You can tease as you get near the end but going for the fun bits too early can be a turn off.

During a romantic massage, don’t forget to add plenty of kisses, licks, sweet words, and teasing in places you know they enjoy.

The optional happy ending for Ladies

Start by massaging the areas around the labia. Throw in the odd grazing of her clitoris or other super sensitive parts. Next, start stroking her labia lips. If you have a hand free, make sure to caress other erogenous zones – the same goes for kisses and licks.

Graduate into massaging the clit. Then, if she’s into penetration, slide two fingers into the vagina and start working her g-spot.

Let it end with an orgasm (or two) and let her chill in her relaxation.

The optional happy ending for the Gentlemen 

The same genital foreplay applies: don’t go directly for the shaft. Massage around the groin, the testicles, and the perineum (the spot between the testicles and the anus). If they’re into anal play, teasing around the rim can be nice.

When it’s time to go for the penis, wrap your hand around the base and gently pull towards the tip. Take your other hand, wrap it around the base, and repeat the movement. Alternate for a minute or two. Then, if he’s hard enough, reverse the stroke and go from tip to base.

Keep one hand going on his shaft and the other hand gently massaging the perineum, which can lead to stronger orgasms.

If he’s ready to orgasm, but doesn’t want to, make him take deep breaths and slow down your stroking. But, if he’s ready to pop, choose one movement he seems to enjoy and stick with it. Don’t change things up mid-orgasm or you can ruin it.

And, for the grand finale… happy endings are memorable with salty kisses!

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