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My plus size at his will

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Plus SIze

I was totally exhausted, I was tired of it. For days I studied for the exam and I just had enough, I was tense and bitchy. That’s why in the evening I never felt like having sex with my boyfriend or just fell asleep dead.
For a long time, I went online to chat. I went to this forum and chatted there the whole evening with this nice woman, who liked my plus size, as she kept saying that she likes the looks of my big breasts and cheeks of my profile picture. She has got my attention now and I looked curiously at her profile…what a pity, she lived too far away. But her picture … wow … she was really a cute broad.
I needed a hot shower…
Somehow the fantasy jumped over and I could not refrain from caressing myself. I turned the water hotter, stroking my plus size breasts and rubbing my plus size buttocks against the wall. I had to think about her…. I imagined she was with me and would lick me and pet my plus size lips. I stroked my lust pearl like never before. The fantasy was just awesome. My knees went very soft and I had to squat so as not to topple over. I slightly jerked, I had to moan, the water just pattered on my hot big body, dripping over me.
My friend came in. He seemed to be worried because I had been taking a shower for so long. He was amazed when he caught me masturbating, and I didn’t stop. I looked at him eagerly and waved him to me. He immediately took off his boxer shorts. He winced when he realized how hot I had turned the water on. ” How hot are you!” I just grinned at him and immediately took his cock in my mouth, but my fingers did not let go of my pearl. He groaned loudly and exclaimed, “Oh yes, go on, suck me.”
I was having a good go on his cock, rubbing my big tits on his legs to get all stimulation I was looking for. And the idea that the woman from the chat would be licking my pussy was driving me crazy and I came with a loud moan.
I let off his cock and enjoyed my orgasm, with my juice squirting. He looked at me cheekily I smiled at him and walked out of the shower. I realized how turned on he was. I took my towel and dried myself seductively. I turned my back to him and stooped down to dry my legs, as I felt his magnificent lance pressed against my plentiful buttocks, trying to fuck me from behind. “Easy, not like that” and I moved away from him. “What’s this? First, you tease me all up and then you drop me?” He was totally upset, but I liked it.
I wanted handcuffed games in bed…
I went into the bedroom, took my body corsage, thong and high heels. I straightened the bed, removed the cuffs from my private hiding place and put my toy box right next to the bed.
After a while he came, he was fuming and still quite angry. I had never done that to him, so his appetite was pretty much jammed. I laid my big fleshy body across the bed and put the handcuffs next to my round thighs. He didn’t look bad, sat down at his bedside and acted as if he did not care. “Then I’ll play alone!” I said. He turned around immediately and saw me with a vibrator in my hand while I grinned again. “No. not again… and where did you get that from?” That’s the first time that he saw my Willy. I was glad that he immediately took off his clothes and came to me.
He wanted to fuck me right away, but I said, “Either you’re tying me up or I’m playing, no matter what you do!” The look on his face was priceless – he immediately took the cuffs and tied me to our metal bed. “If you like it, well then!” He left briefly and came back with a blindfold. I’ve always wanted to do that, but no one’s ever really had to nerve to do it to me – maybe there were scared of my plus size. Well, plus size girls love it big, too!
So, I am at his mercy – and I love it!
As he blindfolded me, the tingling in my stomach became stronger. His lips were so tender, he kissed me very hot and heartfelt. He was horny like never before, I felt his hard cock on my wide thigh. He took off my thong, laid down between my legs and licked me very gently. I had to moan, I could not help it. “If you do not stop moaning, I stop!” That was so mean!
I bit my lower lip so hard, but he just kept moving harder. I just melted away, but then I just had to moan, I could not stand it anymore.
He stopped immediately, sat down and looked at me ostensibly. I turned in bed. “Please get on, please, give me more, you cannot just stop now, sweetheart, I implore you, I’ll do whatever you want!”, I pledged for his sex.
“Okay, but I’ll take that very seriously.” I started to wonder, what was he planning to do.
As he continued to suck and lick my flabby wet pussy, I got so excited, his tongue skilfully played around my clit so that my legs were just shaking. I moaned in pleasure, he was getting faster. It was such a profound pleasure; my sex mead was ready to be squirted.
Then he stopped again, “Noooo,” I shouted, “What now?” “Let’s see how good your toy is” He took my Willy and smoothly stuck it in my pussy. Mhhh, that was good! He put my legs back so my knees almost touched my ears. “Well, that’s what I call horny.” He pushed the vibrator as deep as possible, turned it to the highest level and licked my clit and butthole. I was totally dominated by the shivers of joy my plus size body was experiencing, that I was powerless at his will.
“Do you want anything more?”, he asked me as he stopped again! “Go on, I cannot hold it anymore,” I yelled at him, breathing heavily and excited. “Well then I’ll take a break!” “Nooooo!” I wanted to jump at his throat but forgot that I was still chained and almost screamed in pain.
He was still for a moment, which felt like forever. When he came back on to me again, fingered my wet pussy and stimulated my butthole with the vibrator. I just wanted him not to stop…
Then I felt a slight pressure on my anus. “What are you doing?” but I couldn’t fight back, I had never done that before. He was twisting my clit and it only made me crazier, then his cock was already in my ass. “Now you are due for your impudence in the bathroom!”
He took the vibrator and put it almost too tight in my pussy, I had to scream. He moved the vibrator slightly and skilfully stimulated my pearl and squeezed my big tits and my hard nipples. Now I was totally off, I was overwhelmed by lust and pleasure. He was fucking me faster and harder, groaning with every deep penetration. The feeling was so intense, it was just overwhelming. I couldn’t hold it anymore, I came as I never came before, screaming while my large pussy drowned in milky waves. I felt like my pussy was about to explode. But he didn’t stop and he held himself back again.
I don’t remember how it happened, I was so out of my plus size body, hot and horny. Now he joined my heavy legs and turned me sideways, and fucked me sideways. At last, he just twitched with lust and we both came. My pussy dripped passionately, and his cream dripped over my plentiful butt. I was totally breathless… He took off my handcuffs and we hugged each other into sleep. “But you still owe me a promise as big as your beautiful plus size body!” I didn’t know why he mentioned that again, but I didn’t care, because I was never so pleasantly exhausted after sex…

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